Developed and ideally suited for temporary humanitarian and military applications, tried and tested worldwide: With our portable communication solutions, you are ready for operation and securely set up within a very short time, wherever and whenever you want!
Gear up your shelters with our easyto-use portable systems including:

  • Touch panel control
  • High definition display streaming
  • Audio and videoconferencing
  • Recording for after action review
  • Network integration and
  • 24/7 operation


  • High-end A/V streaming and videoconferencing
  • Integrated communication solution
  • Ease to use touchpanel control
  • Plug and play
  • Out of the box startup
  • High-grade, rugged interfaces
  • Rugged 10U 19-inch Rack
  • Shock mounted
  • AC cooling optional

Lightweight, portable communications technology integrated to a rugged and weather proved 19-inch rack. Made to withstand the harshest of field conditions, our systems are portable and can easily be stored and transported from one location to the next. The easy to use touch panel control provides fast switching capabilities for the high-definition, network stream based image processing. Integrated audio and video conference systems connect you to everyone around the world, whenever and wherever you want. Scale the system to match the utilization requirements of your environment. Whether working places, briefing areas or command centres, each individual space gets the perfect solution. Combined with the recording feature, you are ready for after action review, simulation und training situations. Get your system including:

  • Touch panel with easy to use GUI
  • High definition audio and videoconferencing
  • Adapts existing network infrastructure
  • Recording for after action review
  • Flexible scalable size
  • Combine multiple systems via network
  • Quad split view at one display optional
  • Centralised management, VoIP and redundancy optional
  • RFID and GPS sensors optional