Developed and based on your requirements and our experience, made to withstand the harshest of field conditions, mobiletrust and their partner companies give you the complete solution for your humanitarian or military applications. With our firmly integrated 19-inch systems, rugged displays and dustproof projectors you are ready for fast, high quality and secured working. Wherever and whenever you want!
Gear up your shelters with our easy to use integrated systems including:

  • Individual capabilities
  • Easy to use touch panel control
  • 4K/UHD image switching
  • Audio and videoconferencing
  • Recording for after action review
  • Centralised management with VoiP
  • 24/7 operation


Fully integrated audio, video and communication solution for your deployable or fixed environment. Based on your requirements we plan, develop and engineer the perfect
fitted solution to make your work easier, faster and more efficient. With latest high-end technology components we manage lossless images up to 4K/UHD quality and set up
audio and videoconferences in high definition. Individual options like recording features, streaming connection to other sites, centralised management including VoIP,
multi-window processing and KVM extensions are only a few that could be added to your system. The comfortable easy to use touch panel control provides access to fast und secure switching, dialing and streaming capabilities. Get your system including:

  • 4K/UHD switching and image viewing
  • Touch panel with easy to use GUI High definition, secured audio and videoconferencing Recording for after action review
  • Individual fitted capabilities
  • Quad split view at one display
  • Centralised management, VoIP